My first podcast interview

My youngest daughter Charlotte is 9 years old and has complex medical needs. While I would like to think I have always had a softened heart towards individuals with disabilities, the truth is I never went out of my way to engage or serve them. I never considered the challenges they faced in life, nor the challenges presented to their parents, caregivers and friends.  My friend Mary Susan McConnell has started a blog and podcast to encourage and educate women who are raising children with special needs. The reality is, everyone can benefit from the content she is sharing, not just us ladies "in the trenches."


I was honored when Mary Susan asked me to be her first guest on the podcast. Episode 2 is where you'll find the full recording. On this episode I go back to the beginning of our journey and how we discovered our daughter's complex medical needs. I hope you'll take the time to listen - I like car rides or elliptical trainers (but mostly car rides) to listen to podcasts!  The other ladies who have shared during the TEN episodes currently available have been so inspiring!!!