20th Anniversary Surprise

I don’t always write a lot when posting images from a client session, because I usually like to let them speak for themselves. This one was a little extra special for me though. Jamie and her beautiful daughters pulled off the most touching surprise for her husband Chad for their 20th wedding anniversary. They literally told him that morning “show up at the greenway at 4pm in your tux, no questions asked” and they were having company over for a football party that evening. To be honest, I was skeptical that he would comply, but Jamie knows her man! They watched him leave the house from the ring doorbell app on their phone and excitedly got into their positions along the trail. I loved the emotion of the whole event, and was blown away by the tenderness of how he handled the surprise! Use the arrows to click through the images.

I felt honored to tell this love story of Dr Chad & Jamie Jackson and their 20 years of marriage!

Family Photography Session by Alison Bynum

Photographed on location on the Greenway off the Medical Center Parkway trailhead in Murfreesboro, TN.